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Is Miley Cyrus DEAD?

News is that Miley Cyrus, 18, was found dead at an LA coffee shop. The reason behind her surprising death is still unkown, however there is speculation that it might be drug abuse. Details below...

from the Brain Cancer photoshoot

We are KIDDING!! Miley Cyrus is alive and healthy and is planning a HUGE BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR TOMORROW!!

Inside reports tell us that there might not be a lot of celebrities at the party, but she will definitely be surrounded by all of her family members, including her grandfather from high above :)

Music & acting queen Miley Cyrus turns 19 this and can finally be the adult she wantd to be without any 'oh she's still a teenager!' talk!

We wish you the happiest birthday Miley!!

Tune in tomorrow for some HOT pictures of Miley's 19th b-day party!

from the Brain Cancer photoshoot

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